Upcoming Posting Schedule

Hello World!

Hey there! Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Frank and the purpose of this blog is to cover all things nerdy, geeky and fun! I love DC, Marvel, and basically all comics (including some Anime). In this post, I just want to lay out what the upcoming schedule will look like and my plans for the blog in general going forward.

Upcoming Schedule

I will try to post a couple times per month but since I have a very time consuming day job (doing IT for a medium sized company), that may be slow to start.

I will certainly cover everything newsworthy as it happens and, depending on how well the blog does, may even get into some personal posts.

In general however, I want to stick with the core theme – nerdy content!

Plans for the Blog

For now, I want to cover things like video games, upcoming TV shows, current TV shows, awesome movies, comics, and Anime (these are my passions).

As I mentioned above however, if we do get a decent reader base, I may turn this into more of a personal blog (that is a long way off though).

What am I most excited for?

The show I’m most excited for as of right now is the new Punisher TV series on Netflix. I think their casting pick is fantastic (he made Daredevil 100x better) and I’m super pumped to see where they go with it.

Check out the trailer below!


Hi! My name is Frank and I love everything about video games, comics, and movies (as you probably could have guessed by my content). In particular, I am a HUGE Star Wars, Nintendo, and Xbox fanboy. I write on this blog in my spare time and do it for fun, but will try to put out the best possible content for you all!