Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon News and Hype

New Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon Trailer HYPE!

To preface this post, I want to let you all know I am a HUGE Pokemon fanboy. I have played ever since Red and Blue versions were released for the original Gameboy back in the 90s, and have played every single game since. To me (and many others) it is not only fun, but also brings a healthy dose of nostalgia along with it.

In this post, I will go over my thoughts on the new trailer, discuss why I’m excited for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and my thoughts for the future of the genre as a whole.

Before we get into things, I just wanted to shamelessly plug a site that gave me some awesome ideas to add to my Christmas wish list. Specifically this list of 15 Pokemon gifts. If you are like me and are a huge fan who loves everything from the games to the memorabilia, definitely check that out!

Let’s get into it!

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer Breakdown

The new trailer for Ultra Sun and Moon revealed a lot of telltale information regarding what we can expect when it comes to the new Alola. The first thing I noticed is that Alola looks a lot darker. There also appears to be new forms of your favorite Pokemon, and, according to this site, even new forms of the Legendary Pokemon Necrozma. There are also a number of new Pokemon-specific Z-Moves that will be released, which means the competitive scene will once again be shaken up and new Pokemon will potentially be viable.

On top of this, over 150 new Pokemon will be released into the already expansive universe, which helps to put an ease to the fears that the game will just be a rehash of Sun and Moon, which were released a few years ago.

Check out the trailer below and let me know what you see!


Opinion on the New Game

Before the new trailer was released, I was worried that the games would be rehashed versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which came out in 2016. Fortunately, sites like Polygon have been on top of the leaks and news, and show that there will be a tons of new Pokemon added, which makes me excited to pick up the new game.

Competitive Pokemon and my Twitch Channel

During Sun and Moon I increasingly got into competitive VGC 2017 play, and am excited to continue this into the new game as well. I have started up a Twitch channel and will be streaming live battles and, if the interest is there, will even start doing fan battles as well.

Current Gaming Setup

I’ve gotten a couple of messages from viewers on Twitch asking about my gaming setup, so I wanted to address that in this article as well. I’m using this 3DS capture card as well as a DXRacer gaming chair (find the DXRacer F series review here). I’m also using a Samsung monitor, which can be found reviewed here.

Upcoming Posting Schedule

Hello World!

Hey there! Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Frank and the purpose of this blog is to cover all things nerdy, geeky and fun! I love DC, Marvel, and basically all comics (including some Anime). In this post, I just want to lay out what the upcoming schedule will look like and my plans for the blog in general going forward.

Upcoming Schedule

I will try to post a couple times per month but since I have a very time consuming day job (doing IT for a medium sized company), that may be slow to start.

I will certainly cover everything newsworthy as it happens and, depending on how well the blog does, may even get into some personal posts.

In general however, I want to stick with the core theme – nerdy content!

Plans for the Blog

For now, I want to cover things like video games, upcoming TV shows, current TV shows, awesome movies, comics, and Anime (these are my passions).

As I mentioned above however, if we do get a decent reader base, I may turn this into more of a personal blog (that is a long way off though).

What am I most excited for?

The show I’m most excited for as of right now is the new Punisher TV series on Netflix. I think their casting pick is fantastic (he made Daredevil 100x better) and I’m super pumped to see where they go with it.

Check out the trailer below!