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seeks to inspire and educate elementary school children
about work and working
through partnerships
among businesses, communities and schools

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KIDS AND THE POWER OF WORK, a program of the National Child Labor Committee, is a national network of  business and elementary school partnerships which introduces students to career awareness through professionally developed lessons taught by business volunteers in the classroom. In addition, students make one visit to the workplace to participate in hands-on activities.  KAPOW® lays a foundation for young students, introducing them to work related concepts and experiences that can be continually reinforced throughout the formative years.

Founded in 1991 by Grand Metropolitan and the National Child Labor Committee, KAPOW is now operating in 30 communities, serving a diverse population of 50,000 students across the country.

According to a recent Brandeis University two-year evaluation study, KAPOW is:

"a replicable national model that can serve as the elementary school level component for communities developing K-12 school-to career activities"

"…helping elementary school students learn about various kinds of work, value what they do in school and correlate the application of classroom skills to life on the job"

Click here to learn about the key features of KAPOW.

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1501 Broadway, Suite 1908
New York, New York 10036
Phone: (212) 840-1801
Fax: (212) 768-0963

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